A Center for Wellness, Balance
And Divine Connection

Welcome to the world of Energy Healing, an ancient & effective system of healing multiple body systems with no side effects.

Everything is made up of Energy, Chi or Prana. This electromagnetic energy is seen on Kirlian photography and measured in modern science using the ancient Chakra system or points that emit/ receive frequency.

Our Chakras are powerful information centers that allow our unique Energy to flow with ease. They are responsible for many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes.
When our Energy is out of balance  (depleted, in excess, stagnant or blocked) our bodies let us know through symptoms. Over time if not treated, our entire resonant frequency is affected, causing changes in our natural flow. This in turn causes dis-ease and dis-order.
After your Reiki Session vital Life Force is restored allowing for the deepest healing to begin. Relief of anxiety, depression, pain and stored trauma causing a profound inner peace not felt in years. My clients report a sense of interconnectedness, relaxation, emotional stability, joy, clarity, expansion, weightlessness .Returning you to your Divine Connection and operating in the the Higher Self.. Like attracts like; increasing your vibration fosters other high-frequency changes inside and out, affecting the world around you. As both Reiki Master and Client myself, I truly believe Energy healing is not only a necessity in any health journey but a life changing approach with deeply spiritual benefits felt by everyone regardless of religion or belief. With open arms, I welcome you all to your Life Path.


Life Path Reiki now serves the Metro Area for Corporate or Spiritual

Workshops and Events. Makes a great addition to any gathering, meeting or 

Group retreat. Add Reiki & Energy healing to your party today,

Now enrolling! Learn Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and get certified! Start your very own practice, add this enriching & life changing skill to your business and even get hired at rehabs, hospitals and more.
Classes starting in Sept & Oct, Sign up now, lowest rates of the Season.


Reiki Can Be Used For:

Reiki Can Be Used For: