Remote Reiki / Healing Services

Remote Life Path Reiki Sessions

What are Remote Life Path Reiki Sessions like?

Reiki is a high vibrational energy force, transmitted by the practitioner who is attuned and experienced in tapping into Universal Energy force. Using the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which asserts we are connected since each of us is made up of energy and is part of a larger Whole, or Oneness. I am part of you, you are part of me. Distant Reiki works because energy is not limited by distance itself. Remote sessions begin with an introduction, intention setting and quick discussion of concerns/goals. Followed by a guided meditation to relax the mind & body, I then play binaural beats to open spiritual channeling.
I am immersed, open and here for you.

How do I prepare for my Remote Reiki Session?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and find a quiet, comfortable space. This is a safe space and I am present, open and focused on you. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol or excessive caffeine consumption as we want to ensure the best possible outcome. I encourage all my clients to meditate 5-10 minute beforehand, setting their own intention on the session. And ofcourse, relax & enjoy receiving beautiful Reiki Energy Healing.

What are some reasons for Distance / Remote Reiki?

Great question. Distance or Remote Reiki is a great option for the busy individual. Whether at your lunch break, kids at school or finally have a moment to yourself any time of the day, Remote sessions can be performed on your time, anywhere in the world. Accessibility to Reiki is especially important for those who are bed bound, ill/ injured or recovering in the hospital. Those with extreme phobias, anxieties or live far away from my in-person office benefits greatly through my remote sessions. Ongoing discounts are offered for returning clients.

$99 – 30 MIN

$150 – 60 MIN

$199 – 90 MIN

Remote Guided Meditation Sessions

My Guided Meditation Sessions are designed for your Highest Good, serving your personal objectives.Guided Meditation significantly reduces blood pressure, heart rate & stress levels while hushing the overactive mind.

Decades of research into mindfulness and meditation show real evidence in healing insomnia, reducing anxiety and depression. Chronic pain and inflammation as well as manifestation, increasing work performance, healing trauma and PTSD.

Relationship problems? Trouble coping? Feeling stuck? Try my Guided Meditation Sessions, I am more than happy to be here for you.

$45 – 30 MIN

Remote Talk Therapy

Born as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Empath and natural Healer, I combine my field experience with holistic educational background to navigate your goals/concerns according to your specific needs. We will start with some light breath work, guided meditation and sound bowl healing. Open discussion about anything weighing on your mind is open.

$125 - 60 MIN