Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2/ Certification Course

Become a revered certified Reiki practitioner and experience personal & professional transformation inside and out.
Reiki practioners are needed in hospitals, spas, chiropractic offices, holistic centers and more. You can choose to practice inside your home or office. The possibilities are endless,
This comprehensive & intensive one-day course starts with the principles of the Japanese Universal Energy modality as founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. Students will learn the history, importance and usage of various symbols to activate Reiki Healing Frequency, attunement and full understanding of scientific and clinical evidence of the impact of Reiki on people.
What you won’t find in many certification training classes is useful, practical application, and foundations of client-practioner relations. You will come in with an open mind and leave with a deep understanding of manifestation, intention & mind-body connections.
Classes include Level 1&2 certification, pendulum, classwork materials& attunement.

Learn how your energetic system and the universe works around you. How to utilize self-care, the 12 Spiritual Laws, three Reiki Symbols, how to scan and and feel energy depletions and blockages & much more. In this in-depth yet easily digestible class, you will open your hearts and minds, leaving with practical experience, full attunement for level 1&2 practioner with custom mentoring. I designed my classes to be the MOST enriching, thorough yet applicable approach so you have full confidence in your practice. Classes filling up quickly!

Saturday, Dec 16, 2023    11am-5pm


Saturday Jan 9, 2024       11am-5pm

Saturday Jan 16, 2024      11am-5pm


Saturday Feb 3, 2024      11am-5pm

Saturday Feb 17, 2024


Price: $329 to $369

Usui Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher 2 Day Certification Course

This two-day Master Teacher/ Master Practioner certification program is divided into easy-to-digest sections.

Students will become a master of their craft, inspiring confidence as they learn the Master Symbol unlocking unlimited Divine Healing Frequency. This class offers insight on the difference between sound and light wavelength, bio-magnetic fields, and how to apply and use Healing Codes for a wide array of diseases, symptoms, and disorders. Master Teacher/Practioner attunement as well as more advanced techniques such as Psychic Surgery.

We must first guide the pupil into self-healing and self-insight, basic study of Chinese medicine theory of emotional-mental-physical manifestations and scripted guided meditation application for clients, guided imagery for the busy mind.

Classes include Level 3 & 4 Master Teacher/Practioner certification lineage documents, classwork materials, student resource materials and high-quality activated crystals.