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What exactly is Energy Healing? Is it real?

Reiki and other energy healing methods are systems of ancient knowledge that understand how to treat the entire body as the complex system it is. Instead of treating a single symptom or set of symptoms at the time of pain/discomfort, we use the power of guided breath with meditation to move energy from practitioner’s hands to receiver’s body. Billions of cells and reactions on a subatomic level are instantaneously released, guided by high vibrations (waves of electric and magnetic energies) by your very own body’s instructions on where to go and initiate. During the Session and for days afterwards, they surround and work their way deeper than the atom itself (that makes up the density, that is…your cells) They work on such an accurate rate with your own DNA instructions, even Doctors and renowned scientists who study biology and quantum mechanics are interested in cracking the science of just how quantum energy healing works,.This isn’t New Age philosophy or superficial feel-good entertainment (although it is quite relaxing) Furthurermore, this has over 5000 years of both scripture reference as well historical significance in the treatment of over thousands of ailments.
Oftentimes our body is speaking to us, letting us know if there is a threat, injury, a perceivable pattern and uses self defense mechanisms & compensation to protect itself. This can be anything from a muscle spasm from physical injury, a recurrence of an old injury due to emotional trauma to repetitive stress causing fight or flight (rapid heart rate, chest breathing, insomnia) Universal Energy Frequency (Prana, or Chi. Qi.) enhances the immune system, circulatory, lymphatic systems as well as reaching Theta and even Delta brainwaves that produce deeper transformation.
We have over 4 trillion Volts of electricity running in our cells. We are literally a powerhouse of energy. This is important to understand how it carries and receives frequency.
Our hearts and brains are electromagnetic meaning they are both electric and magnetic. Emitting energy up to 3 meters wide, this not only sends frequency and vibration, but carries it back to self.
Have you Ever been around someone where as soon as they leave you find yourself drained? This is the body observing lower vibrational energy and thus having to compensate which exhausts the body. You have felt Energy shifts within you and your environment without realizing it.
Our language is often colorful when it comes to physical needs but how do we create a language, communication… where energy healing therapy can be understood in it’s complexities? Most clients report anything from cessation of migraine headaches to activation of higher energy levels, marked improvement in sleep and anxiety levels, anger management, improved focus & concentration and a variety of physical symptoms disappearing. Shorter healing times after the trauma of surgery as well as better outcomes when used before.
When you get to the energetic root of the problem, Reiki and energy healing not only helps but has accumulative effects (the more, the better) In a world where we are so close yet so disconnected from each other, Reiki Healing touch is more needed than ever.

Why don’t they teach this in traditional medicine?

I love this question. Traditional Western Medicine training is centered in a physical-body mentality that is incredibly complex with many scientists that admit we’ve only learned just a tip of the proverbial medical iceburg. As an example, over 6.5 million Americans are living with Alzhemiers and Dementia, a fairly newer cognitive brain disease that is often called ‘Diabetes Type lll”. 55 million people worldwide are diagnosed, yet it was unheard of less than 100 years ago. Poorly understood, the prognosis is bleak & the prevention screenings start after symptoms have become severe enough. This is just one example of the increasing inflammatory diseases that express itself in the body (In this case, the brain)
We understand the dramatic increase in preventable diseases in the US & around the world yet we’re still approaching this with a symptom-based, physical-only process of mediation and testing. This isn’t enough. We are not mere meat sacks with electrical connections and simple motor skills. But rather we are sentient creatures; emotional, mental, spiritual, and of course physical beings. We require much more than a list of medications by doctors who invest little to no time getting to know the patient’s life experiences, dispositions, traumas, and thus resulting lifestyles. Change the habits/patterns, change the repetitive cycles. Change the energetic body, change the metabolism & expression of Genetic and Epigenetic factors. Treat the body as a physical Expression of what’s happening inside.
Follow the patterns of illness/discomfort/symptoms and find the source of the dis-ease. The short answer, is Reiki, in my opinion should be taught in traditional western medical schools along with holistic diet and nutrition as part of a more accurate human map to treating dis-ease.

How many Sessions is needed for Optimal Healing?

Since everyone has different goals and concerns, I typically recommend 3-4 Sessions to get things going. I go on a Scale of Good to Better to Best.
Starting all new clients with the Introductory Healing Session or Complete Healing Session is often the best approach to begin. I do offer more time if needed (free of charge) during the initial Introductory phase. Following with either Complete Healing Session w Reiki or Reiki alone for the next several Sessions. I use all of my tools including my holistic nutrition background, sensory & body scanning techniques, foundational massage skills as well as sound and movement. Everything you need to heal is within you. I help unlock the systemic and localized symptoms/ blocks.
The Sessions are performed as close to proximity as possible, then monthly recoup/retract/balance Sessions. Just like staying active, hydrating and eating well, you will see more substantial changes with consistency.

What does a Reiki/ Energy Healing Session look like? How do I prepare?

An in-office visit is a private and safe space. I clear the space with Sage before and after each Session. I meditate before each Session for optimal focus. I give you a short Reiki assessment if not already done. After we discuss symptoms/concerns we set an intention or goal for the Session. I always ask if and where it is ok to physically touch on your body and what to expect. You have the option for Reiki to take off socks/garments if comfortable. You lay Supine position (face-up) on my massage table with a guided meditation and binaural music (lightly played, set to intention) Bolsters, blankets and pillows are always provided. Depending on Session length and goals, you may or may not be asked to turn to your stomach (Prone position) My hands lightly touch various positions on body and if a Complete or Introductory Healing Session, Sensory items such as textured balls are placed in hands, crystals, earth elements,etc. Some clients report seeing colors, images, feeling warmth or smelling familiar scents. Others drift to a comfortable sleep.
During an Intuitive Massage, I gather a brief health historyrelative to the treatment. You have the option to remain clothed or minimally unclothed. I use a variety of techniques, guided by your energy field and my ongoing assessment during the massage. All hot towels and linens are always sanitized, all lotion and aromatherapy are organic. Allergies must be made known and safety and comfort are always encouraged. You always have the right to say no or refuse a particular area of concern. . I provide bottled water and bathroom accommodations are right outside the door, also private. I advise my clients to drink plenty of water before/after Sessions, no blue light or caffeine directly before or after if necessary and to remain alcohol-free before and directly after Session.
Remote Sessions are performed in my office or home office with specific meditations, an assessment pre-gathered before Session and your information is always private and safe. I ask for no interruptions during your Session. Please find a comfortable, peaceful area as you will be sitting/laying for a set amount of time. Gentle reflection and individualized discussion is always encouraged.

Are there discounts/ programs for this service?

I offer programs for returning Clients and new Clients who book several Sessions. Immediate discounts are offered during promotion ($10 off first-timers, discounts per Reiki Service for repeat clients) I even lowered my standard pricing to include all levels of income. Healing is the first step to manifest abundance.

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