Mind / Body Services

Intuitive Body Session

My Intuitive Body Session/Massage is one of my favorite Healing therapies to perform. For those who enjoy the lasting effects of a well-seasoned practioner’s hands coupled with the all-encompassing power of Universal Healing Frequency makes for the perfect Holistic experience.
First, I assess your needs using my intake process. Next, we will address the emotional, mental and non-physical concerns as we come up with a custom treatment plan. In this Intuitive Body Session, I incorporate guided meridian techniques tailored for central nervous system regulation. Finishing with unconditional Mehta, Reiki is applied generously to seal in the deepest relaxation & well-being possible. A client favorite, you will most certainly continue to feel the effects for long after the Session.

$125 - 60 MIN*
$175 - 90 MIN
*75 MIN First-time clients

Crystal Sound Bath Session

A beautiful, harmonious and Tesla-approved way to rebalance and recenter the entire energetic body, Crystal Sound Baths create high vibrational frequency and pain relief as well as harmonizing the energetic, emotional and physical body with great results.

Singing bowls have both resonance and frequency which penetrates the skin, fluids and bones of the physical body while affecting the nervous system, calming and regulating down to the cellular level. Complete Chakra rebalance, emotional regualtion and deep meditative states are achieved through your beautiful sound bath Session. Invite a partner or have your exclusive sound bath to yourself, set to Intention.

60 minutes- $150

90 minutes- $199

Nurture and Connection Therapy

Everyone deserves unconditional understanding, kindness, affection and love. 

For many millenia, the survival of a species depended greatly on attachment & interaction, touch & connection between the societal tribe. As social beings by nature, we are designed to make and create energetic bonds through both somatic and non-somatic means. Nurturing both the inner child and present-day You, this cathartic, transformative and deeply beneficial somatic (body-mind) Session is designed to help build neural connections, calm the nervous system flight-or-fight mode, turn up the D.O.S.E and kick the C.A.N.

By increasing (DOSE= Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins)

And decreasing (CAN- Cortisol, Adrenaline, Norephinephrine)

By balancing the body’s natural ability to self-regulate through touch therapy, guided plataonic affection & using vibrational entrainment. All Clients leave feeling renewed, recharged and most importantly connected to self and others.

75 minutes- $140

Ceremonial Energy Cleanse Session

This Session is designed to release, let go of past blocks & stuck memories stored in the energetic and physical body.  Restoring a balanced, vital energy flow to attract higher frequencies (including people, environments, relationships, health, dreams/goals and visions to manifest physically)

The first step to any Spiritually Enlightened Path begins with a spiritual reset. Next, we revisit the vessel (body) to introduce healthy lifestyle plans, perform a Ceremonial Energy cleanse on the physical body as well as assistance in dynamic breathwork & active visualization practices (known in principles of Einstienian Medicine or Energy Medicine)

The breath comes first, then body, mind and energy follow. Creating a higher frequency from within activates the perfect environment for clarity, a deep sense of tranquility and direction while the final step in manifesting goals in real-time.

60 minutes- $125

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a traditional massage modality from Thailand, Clients are placed comfortably on a special Thai Yoga Mat on the floor.
The practitioner uses Sen lines (energy lines) and passive stretching throughout the body to activate nervous system calm down. It focuses on rhythmic movements designed to deeply relax and engage the circulatory, lymphatic and parasympathetic systems.
$130- 60 MIN
$175- 90 MIN
“ If you want to find the Secrets of the universe, think in terms of Frequency, Energy & Vibration”

– Nikola Tesla